Frequently asked questions


Yes we are shop based in Far East Plaza. We buy (#02-83) and sell (02-63) secondhand luxury goods.
We operate from 10AM -7PM daily, but we will only reply from 10AM-6PM (messages that come after 6PM may be replied the next working day). Please take note of our profile banner for any updates regarding operating hours.
Yes! To make an appointment with us, simply chat with us on the listing or the item listing you reserved with us for available time slots. Do come on time for your appointment as we may have other appointments for the day and may not be able to attend to you at the last minute change.
We would recommend making an appointment with us first as our store is not an open store with many items on display. Priority will be given to customers who have appointments with us in advance before we attend to walk-in customers.
Items are all first-come-first-serve. We will attend to the first offer's enquiry or double confirm the condition & size with them before we move on to the next offer. We will inform the next offer(s) in line if the first offer choose to cancel. If your offer isn't accepted, it is not reserved by you.
Yes, please chat with us on the listing regarding the items you wish to view at least a few hours in advance so our staff can check the availability and prepare them for viewing. There is limited time for viewing as we have other appointments for the day.
Items on Instagram are only for references to customers who are looking to sell. But it may be available on our Carousell page. You just need to input the item barcode (eg. 227012345) onto our Carousell's search bar to see more pictures and the condition/defects.
We accept the following payment methods: PayNow, PayLah!, Bank Transfer, Cash (only in store).
We do not use Caroupay and any payments made through Caroupay will be reverted back into your account as we do not have a Caroupay account. Please make a normal offer for future items as we go by first-offer-first-serve basis. We do only normal offers as to be fair to other customers who also offered for the items.
Yes. You may inform us in advance what items you wish to view so our staff can prepare the them. Our staff reserves the right to reject your request to view other items if they were not informed and/or another appointment is waiting outside. ALL items are subjected to availability and could be reserved or sold to another offer before your viewing appointment. Do check with us for availability of item and appointment timing before coming down.
No, our items are bought in at a cost and not on consignment. If you wish to sell away your branded items, you may take a look at our homepage [ ] or contact our Purchase Department at their WhatsApp 90931843 for more information.
No, we do not provide cleaning services. Our items on Carousell are bought in and sold in the current condition, no cleaning or spa are provided.

Purchase on Carousell

Any related accessories, such as a guarantee card, dust bag, invoice etc, will be in the PICTURES of the listing. So you will know during browsing of the listing.
We do not provide branded dust bags or paper bags. As our main business is to buy and sell branded items with or without its accessories. We do provide no-brand plastic/paper bags upon collection.
Yes you may, however we may not accept if your offer is too low or does not match our expected offer as the items are bought in at a cost. We also do not sell to the highest offer as our sale price is already set on the listing and we look only at the first offer and the users' credibility.
For items posted before 1-2 months old, the items are not negotiable. For other listings older than 2 months, it could be negotiable. Please chat on the listing you are interested in to know more or search for discounted items on our page by simply typing "discounted".
Yes, to reserve the item, we would require a 10% or $20 deposit (whichever is higher)[*may change without prior notice] to reserve the item for you. However if the item does not fit you or not up to your expectations, deposit is NOT refundable.
We usually reserve the item(s) for 3 days for 10% or $20, you may let us know if you are unable to make it within 3 days and need longer time to reserve, we will require 50% or full payment.
From 1st Sep 2020 onwards, the deposit is strictly non transferable nor refundable as we have limits in un-reserving items as it is part of our business costs. Reason for deposit: The security deposit/payment is to ensure that you will come, view/check the item, and make your purchase in due time. The deposit is not refundable nor transferable to other items if you choose to cancel without reason as the item was confirmed before accepting offer. You may only choose not to purchase the item if there are major damage area or important information omitted on our side, in which case your deposit will be refunded. A security deposit does NOT constitute a sale transaction, the sale of item will only be made when you pay the full amount and collect the item at our shop.
The items with the word “discount” in the title, prices are already down priced. No further discounts or negotiations, if you are interested, please press the offer button or chat there. If you wish to see more discounted items, go to our page and type the words "discount" or "discounted" in the search bar on our page and the items will be filtered out.
Items that have the reserved badge or with the word [RESERVED] in the title, are not available for sale as they are either reserved by customers who have already made payment and will collect at a later date OR sold but not yet marked as sold on Carousell.
This is one of the glitches on Carousell, some items are already reserved but do not have the “reserved” badge. Thus we will input (RESERVED) in the title to let our customers know that it is not available for sale.
This is another glitch from Carousell, as our staff uploads on Carousell, duplicate listings will appear on our page. We will delete one of the listings to prevent misunderstandings on our items. You may offer on both listings but we will still attend to the first offer on the available listing.
All the items that we are selling will be listed on Carousell, if you are interested, you may check our page periodically.

Collection & Cancellation

You may make an appointment with us under your reserved item’s chat and collect within our operation hours at our shop. Shop address: Far East Plaza #02-63, 14 Scotts Road, S228213
As we have confirmed the item with you before accepting your offer, cancellation will be noted in our database and subsequent cancellations may lead to future offers being ignored. Any deposit made for the item will also be forfeited along with the cancellation.
If the item has defects that were not mentioned or no pictures were taken, we will do a refund on your deposit/payment as it is a mistake on our side. However, if the item's defects were mentioned/ had its picture uploaded, but still wish to cancel because it was not up to standard, your deposit will be forfeited.
If you wish to return the item because it was not up to standards/expectations, unfortunately it is not refundable in this situation as the item's condition and measurements are mentioned in description and it was confirmed before payment was made. We always ask our customers to check their items upon collection to make sure the item(s) is correct and stated correctly.
If you have made an offer on an item, then a second offer on another item, cancellation is NOT allowed on the first item. Deposit is also not transferable. As we treat our offers seriously, please read the description and confirm the item *BEFORE* pressing the offer button.
You may cancel the item, however, a last minute cancellation will result in your deposit being forfeited. As the item is already confirmed beforehand and reserved for you, unreserving the item may cause other offers to misunderstand that there is a major defect with the item thus could be harder to sell the next time.

Ranking Guide

Please refer to the guide below. Rank N - New Rank S - Unused, closed to new condition. Rank A - Closed to unused - very slight used Rank AB - Slightly used (very minimal defects) Rank B - Used with visible defects Rank BC - Used with visible defects and wear and tear Rank C - with major defects and wear and tear. Rank D - Junk condition.
We've always used the Alphabets for ranking and decided to simplify our rankings instead of numbers. Do take a look at the guide above.